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VBS - Roman's Road Trip - Exploring God's Plan of Salvation

June 7th-9th 2023 6:00pm at Belle Meadows Baptist Church in Bristol, Va

​​Roman is a tourist on a journey, and finds himself unsure of where he is...eventually he realizes that he is completely lost and in need of help. He finds himself on Sinful Avenue asking people for directions. He meets a man named Cast, who is a castaway, and he directs Roman to the OneStop. There he finds out that he needs a G.P.S. (God's Plan of Salvation) to show him the Way.
​It leads him first to CrossTown where the G.P.S. explains Who Jesus is and what He has done for Roman. Next, the G.P.S. sends him to Whosoever Way where Roman learns how he can receive God’s Free Gift of Salvation.
From Point A, to B, to C and beyond, Roman learns the ABC’s of Salvation and five colors to remind him of what happened to him and how he can go & tell others the Good News.